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2023 NFL Draft Measurements

Tyson Bagent 40-Yard Dash Time – 4.90 (estimate)

6’3” / 210 lbs.


Tyson Bagent Draft Profile

Tyson Bagent is a fifth-year senior at Shepherd University in West Virginia. Coming out of high school, Bagent was an unranked prospect according to his 247sports recruiting profile. Since this was the case, he did not gain much recognition from Division I programs. So, he decided to enroll at Shepherd University and compete at the Division II level.


College Career

Upon arriving at Shepherd, Bagent earned his spot as the starting quarterback right out of the gate. As a true freshman, he completed 253 of his 387 passes for 3,029 yards and 29 touchdowns. This includes his first collegiate game against Notre Dame College where he threw for 518 yards and 3 touchdowns. As a sophomore, he completed 343 of his 483 passes for 4,349 yards and 36 touchdowns. In these games, he averaged around 362 passing yards and 3 passing touchdowns per game.

As a junior, he only played in one game where he threw for 76 yards in 13 completions. His senior season was his most productive by far. During this season, he completed 391 passes for 5,000 yards and 53 touchdowns. In the playoffs this season, he played two total games. In his first game against Kutztown, he completed 30 passes for 248 yards and 1 touchdown. Although this was one of his worst games of the season, it was good enough to help Shepherd advance into the next round. Then against Ferris State, he completed 22 passes for 249 yards and 1 touchdown.

Finally, as a fifth-year senior, he completed 400 passes for 4,580 yards and 41 touchdowns. Although this was not his most productive season, it was good enough for him to receive an invite to the Reese’s Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. This whole week will be a true test as to whether or not he will make it in the NFL. If he can prove that he can compete with the rest of the players there, he will likely be given a shot at the next level.





When watching Bagent on film, I was impressed with his all-around athleticism. In the pocket, he shows solid lateral agility to maneuver in the pocket without getting brought down. When scrambling outside the pocket, he displays solid quickness to escape pressure. His ability to stay balanced and complete throws on the run is also pretty impressive. But, if no receiver is open he will not hesitate to tuck the ball and run himself. When running with the ball past the line of scrimmage, he shows good quickness and lateral agility. This allows him to shed tackles and fight for extra yardage.



Tyler Bagent is very accurate when he is throwing the ball for short-intermediate gains. When throwing the ball in non-contested areas, he does a good job of throwing a ball that will maximize yards gained after the catch. In the middle of the field, he can place the ball either directly in front of the receiver or directly at his chest. When completing short throws outside of the hashes, he does a good job of making throws only his receiver can catch.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, I am impressed with his ability to complete short throws when on the run. When scrambling outside of the pocket, if not under immediate pressure he shows incredible concentration. This allows him to complete a throw off his back foot. Bagent can also be pretty creative when he is throwing the ball. He has the ability to complete side-arm passes for short gains if he needs to fit the ball through a tight window.


Extending Plays

Tyler Bagent is very good at extending plays when he is under pressure. He has good lateral agility and foot speed that allows him to navigate inside the pocket when it is collapsing. If he is forced outside of the pocket, he has good enough quickness to break away from the pressure. Having these skills buys his receivers some time to work back toward him and find holes in the coverage. If none of his receivers can get open, as I mentioned earlier, he is not scared to tuck the ball and run. He has also shown loads of toughness on some run plays where he dives for the first down in clutch situations.





When watching Bagent in the Division II playoffs, I noticed that he lacks poise when under pressure. Although he is good at navigating in and out of the pocket, he often holds onto the ball for too long. In his last collegiate game against Colorado School of Mines, there were countless plays where he held onto the ball for too long. This led to him throwing 2 interceptions and fumbling the ball for a touchdown. I am curious to see if he can improve his poise at the Senior Bowl and throughout the pre-draft process.


Decision Making

The biggest concern that I have about Bagent’s game is his decision making. When the ball is snapped, he struggles to quickly analyze the field and make the best possible throw. He has a tendency to force throws through too tight of windows often leading to an incompletion or interception. Also, he has a tendency to stay with his first option on some plays although that receiver isn’t open. If he ever wants to be successful at the next level, he has to work on this before he plays a snap in the NFL.


Tyson Bagent Draft Stock

Although Tyler Bagent is a talented player, and is arguably the best Division II player in the nation, I don’t think he will get drafted. There are plenty of Division I quarterbacks who have proven that they are more ready than he is. But I do think a team will sign him immediately after the draft because he does show potential.


Final Thoughts on Tyson Bagent

Tyson Bagent is a special talent and is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play at the Division II level. He has a quick release that allows him to quickly get the ball out of his hands before the pocket collapses. His ability to throw a catchable ball that maximizes yards after the catch is also very impressive and a big reason why he is getting recognized. Personally, the part of his game that I like the most is his ability to extend plays and get creative with the ball in his hand. Overall, I think that Bagent is an interesting prospect and a name I will be listening for on Day 3 of the NFL Draft.


Player Comparison

Tyson Bagent reminds me a lot of former Kansas St. QB Skylar Thompson.



Tyson Bagent Scouting Report Analyst – Matthew Lewis


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