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  • December 31, 2022

graphic reads "corporette year in review" - there is a black velvet bow detail on the graphic (like it's a present)

graphic reads "corporette year in review" - there is a black velvet bow detail on the graphic (like it's a present)

Which were your favorite posts of the year, readers? Here are some of my favorite posts and discussion posts, as well as our top posts of the year by traffic statistics!

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(according to Google Analytics, as of 12-27-2022

  1. The Best Women’s Suits in 2022 (major update)
  2. Guide to the Best Tops for Under Women’s Suits (major update)
  3. The Best Places to Shop for Plus-Size Work Clothes (major update)
  4. The Hunt: Best Wide Leg Pants to Wear to Work
  5. The Best Sneakers for Work Outfits
  6. The Hunt: The Best Sweater Jackets for the Office (major update)
  7. The Hunt: Best Women’s Dress Pants for Winter (major update)
  8. The Hunt: The Best Bodysuits for Work Outfits (major update)
  9. What to Buy for Work at J.Crew
  10. What to Wear to a Holiday Party (major update)

My Other Favorite Articles of the Year

  • How to Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin (Readers’ Advice)
  • Best Strength Training Programs to Do Without a Gym
  • Disengaging Instead of Quitting
  • Tips for Interviewing for High Level Jobs
  • How to Dress Like You’re in Charge
  • How to Ask Your Interviewer About Work-Life Balance
  • C-Suite Style: How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe After a Promotion
  • Sites Where You Can Find Anything Worn in TV Shows or Movies
  • Head Colds & Business Etiquette in 2022
  • Favorite Low-Cost Clothing Basics
  • What to Buy for Work at Amazon
  • Easy, Warm Workday Lunches
  • 8 Tips on How to Age Well
  • How to Prevent Lifestyle Creep

Fun Discussions

(Check the comments)!

  • Color vs Going Gray
  • How Many Dishes Do You Own (And What Patterns)?
  • Crop Tops at Work: Yea or Nay
  • Three Things to Consider Before Moving to a LCOL Area
  • How Many Paid Vacation Days Do You Get Every Year?
  • How Much Help Do You Have In Your Life?
  • How Are You Dealing with Lower Prices?
  • What Are the Lower Limits of Business Casual?
  • Life Hacks That Changed Your Standard Operating Procedure(s)
  • What Workouts Are You Loving Right Now?
  • How Big Is Your Work Wardrobe?
  • What is the Most Expensive Thing You Own – and Do You Wear It?
  • What Are Your Favorite TV Shows for Workwear Inspiration?
  • What Would You Do With a Billion Dollars?
  • What Makes a Home Look Dated?

Hunts That Got Updates

  • The Best Pull-On Pants for the Office
  • The Best Dresses for Work
  • The Best Vegan Shoes for Work
  • Where to Find Chanel-Style Jackets for Work
  • Best Bras for Work Outfits
  • Best Boyfriend Blazers for Work
  • The Best Wide-Leg Pants to Wear to Work
  • The Best Places to Shop for Plus-Size Work Clothes
  • Classic and Stylish Skirts for Work
  • Statement Blazers for Work

Times I Learned Stuff:

  • How to Recast a Mortgage
  • Which Are the Best Sneakers for Work Outfits?
  • Review of Online Color Consultations
  • Advice from a Divorce Lawyer: What to Know If You’re Considering Divorce
  • How to Prepare for a Big Storm

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