Megyn Kelly mocks Prince Harry as he prepares to release his book ‘Spare’ #sports #news #headlines #latestnews


Megyn Kelly didn’t hesitate to mock Prince Harry after the latter claimed that he will finally be able to talk about his life struggles in his upcoming book ‘Spare’.

The former Fox News anchor has claimed that this will not be the first time that Harry openly talks about his relationship with the rest of the Royal Family after stepping down along with his wife Meghan Markle back in 2020.

Prince Harry says he wants his father and brother back

“Let’s shift gears to somebody who isn’t a victim but thinks he is and that is Prince Harry who is finally going to tell his story,” Kelly said, sarcastically, on her SiriusXM programme ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’.

“Finally, he is going to come out with it in his autobiography after the gazillion interviews he and his wife have given about their poor lives.

“Their castle is too small, I don’t know if you heard. I heard it’s too small, he was treated so poorly that he had to duck when he went through the doorways.

“It’s so hard when your castle is too tiny. He’s given two interviews now which are being previewed.”

Prince Harry’s ’60 Minutes’ interview

Harry is expected to share more details about his upcoming book in an interview with Anderson Cooper for CBS News’ ’60 Minutes’ programme, one which is scheduled to be aired on Sunday, January 8.

In the book, he is expected to discuss about some of his disagreements with his brother William, the Prince of Wales.

This has reportedly caused concern back in the UK, as his family aren’t sure exactly what he’s going to reveal.

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