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2023 NFL Draft Measurements

Clark Phillips III 40-Yard Dash Time – 4.43

5’10” / 183 lbs.


Clark Phillips III Draft Profile

Clark Phillips III is a former 4-star recruit out of La Habra High School in La Habra, California. According to 247sports, Phillips III was the 6th best corner in the nation out of the 2020 recruiting class. He was also the 7th best player in the state of California. Some of the players he was ranked behind include C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young, and D.J. Uiagalelei. While achieving this status, he received a total of 36 offers. After receiving these offers, narrowed it down to 4 schools. These schools were USC, California, Ohio State, and Utah. Eventually, Phillips III made the decision to join Utah.

As a freshman, Phillips III racked up 25 total tackles, 1 fumble recovery, 2 passes defensed, and 1 pick-six. These stats are very impressive considering he was a freshman and only played 5 games. During the 2021 season, Phillips III really improved his efficiency. In 14 total games, he had 61 total tackles, 1 forced fumble, 1 interception, 1 pick-six, and 13 passes defensed. Finally, prior to the Rose Bowl, Phillips III has 24 total tackles, 1 sack, 6 interceptions, and 6 passes defensed.




Zone Coverage

Clark Phillips III is one of the best zone coverage corners in the 2023 NFL Draft. When lined up in zone coverage, Phillips III shows incredible instincts to diagnose the offense prior to the snap. This gives him the upper hand when the ball is snapped because he can adjust his leverage to cover his zone. When the ball is snapped, he has good awareness and field vision to keep an eye on the QB and cover any receiver that enters his zone. His ability to read the QB’s eyes allows him to jump routes and make a play on the ball. This has allowed him to rack up nine career interceptions while at Utah.



Phillips III displays incredible athleticism every time he steps on the field. When backpedaling, he shows good foot speed and balance. This allows him to stay with the receiver throughout their route stem. When the receiver makes a break in his route, he does a good job of changing direction on a dime. Then he uses his quickness and foot speed to stay with the receiver throughout their route. His ability to change direction quickly also helps him pursue the ball carrier in open field. When in soft man coverage, he does a good job of playing the receiver under him. This often baits the QB to throw his direction. Phillips III can then explode toward the ball and make a play.


Ball Skills

Phillips III does an incredible job of making a play on the ball when it is thrown in his direction. As I just mentioned, he does a good job of baiting the QB to throw the ball in his direction. Then he takes off toward the ball and jumps the route giving him an opportunity to force a turnover. After jumping the route, Phillips III shows good hands to make the catch as well as good grip strength to hold onto the ball through contact.


Hip Mobility

When lined up in man coverage, he shows incredible hip mobility to keep up with the receiver. He also rarely falls for double moves at the top of route stems allowing him to stay glued to the receiver when they break. His fluid hips also allow him to quickly change direction and make a play in open field.




Play Strength

The biggest concern that I have surrounding Phillips III’s game is his lack of play strength. The biggest part of his game that it affects is his ability to shed blocks on the outside. When attempting to make a tackle behind the line of scrimmage, his small frame often leads to him being neutralized at the point of attack. Then, he struggles to shed the block because the receiver is often taller and stronger than him. His lack of play strength also leads to him being timid when making tackles. When watching his film, he seemed to lack the aggression needed to consistently make tackles.


Man Coverage

Although I mentioned that he shows good hip mobility when in man coverage, he still needs to improve in this area. When lined up in press coverage, he lacks the length and strength to win off the snap. Instead of knocking receivers off balance at the line, he is often the one knocked off balance. This immediately gives the receiver leverage allowing them to make an easy catch.


Clark Phillips III Draft Stock

Earlier on in the season, I was high on Phillips III. In my Mid-Season Mock Draft, I had him getting picked at 21 by the Patriots. After reviewing more of his film, I no longer believe that he is a 1st rounder. The earliest I would pick him would be in the middle of the 2nd round.


Final Thoughts on Clark Phillips III

Clark Phillips III is one of the best zone coverage corners in the nation. When in zone coverage, he shows incredible instincts to diagnose the offense and make the stop if it comes his way. He is also a tremendous athlete showing good balance and foot speed when backpedaling. When the ball is thrown in his direction, he is good at exploding forward and jumping the route. After jumping the route, he shows good grip strength to hold onto the ball through contact. Although he needs to improve his skills in man coverage, he does have good hip mobility to mirror the receiver. The biggest concern that I have about Phillips III going forward is his play strength. As I mentioned earlier, his lack of strength hinders his ability to shed blocks and make tackles.


Player Comparison

Clark Phillips III reminds me of a corner that I was high on last season and that player is Andrew Booth. The reason I am not as high on Phillips III is that Booth is two inches taller and almost 20 lbs. heavier.


Clark Phillips III Scouting Report and Draft Profile – Matthew Lewis


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