Chow Chow Thakkali Kootu Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

  • December 31, 2022

Chow Chow Thakkali Kootu Recipe is traditional Tamil Nadu Style lentils cooked with chayote squash, tomatoes along with moong dal, with a coconut based masala.

The freshly ground coconut masala adds a beautiful flavour to the kootu. The addition of pepper, cumin and red chillies gives the kootu the right amount of spice.

Chayote squash is a healthy vegetable containing highest content of water, making it suitable to include in our diet. Also, the kootu is prepared with the Moong dal, making it healthy as well as lighter on the tummy.

Serve Chow Chow Thakkali Kootu Recipe along with Phulkas and Carrot Cucumber Tomato Salad for a light weekday lunch.

Or if you wish to make an elaborate meal, serve Chow Chow Thakkali Kootu along with Steamed Rice, Murungakkai Puli Kuzhambu (Drumstick Tamarind Curry), Kollu Rasam, Curd and Elai Vadams for the weekend lunch.

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